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Movendii is a hip hop magazine that celebrates the creativity, artistry, and talent of hip hop artists. Through its projects, Movendii showcases a variety of my skills, such as illustration, photography, typography, and more. You can discover the work of up-and-coming and established hip hop artists and explore the culture of hip hop with Movendii! 

San Francisco Park Booklet

Polaris is a series of booklets that focuses on parks located in various cities. This booklet was a school project that provides viewers with information on the history of the parks, practical tips, and fun facts. In my San Francisco edition, I provide a look at some of the city’s most beloved parks and give readers a better understanding of the area’s history. 

The booklet incorporates some fun, vibrant colors to catch reader's attention and I used interesting layouts in the pages to keep the reader engaged. 

San Francisco's Favorite Parks

Magnum Drywall 

Magnum Drywall is a full-service drywall and construction company with a wide range of projects across commercial, industrial, and residential properties. In 2021, Magnum Drywall held a contest for its logo redesign, unfortunately mine wasn't chosen. 


A couple things I want to highlight about the logo I designed is the way I used typography to indicate the name of the company being "big" or magnum and the usage of line is a clever way to make it look like the rooftop or edge of a building from a lower point of view.

story menu

mmapples is the (imaginary) place to go for the sweetest, most indulgent caramel apples. I designed their menu to tantalize the tastebuds and satisfy the cravings of everyone who comes across their profile. With flavors ranging from classic caramel to more unique and creative combinations, there's something to satisfy every sweet tooth.

mmapples uses Instagram to promote their products and needed a digital menu that fit the Instagram story dimensions along with highlight icons to guide potential customers through the Instagram profile.  

caramel apple menu on iphone screen for instagram story
apple icon for instagram highlight or profile image
order instructions instagram highlight
payment instagram highlight
questions instagram highlight

I'm always looking for ways to expand my skill set and take on new projects. These are some of my top projects that I am most proud of, and I plan on including more soon. Thanks for visiting!

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