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Artist born and raised in the Bay Area. I started my journey by painting and showing off my skills to friends, participated in vending events and eventually built up the courage to learn about and pursue Graphic Design. After changing my mind many times, I finally graduated with a BFA in Graphic Design from CSU East Bay where I developed and improved my skills in product design, photography and the Adobe suite.

My style fluctuates with the requirements needed for the projects, but I do enjoy when hints of me are portrayed into the things I do. As an artist who made art for myself, to show others, I've learned that Graphic Design is not always about me, but more so whats best for the company or an individual. I enjoy the simplicity of the design trends at the moment as much as the complex, bold, and small details. Inspirations come from the people around me, their needs in what they're looking for and sometimes the emotions that flow through me.

Art has taught Jocelyn many things and has allowed her to connect and speak to others in ways that words don’t allow. Graphic Design and Art in general comes with many challenges, but she hopes to reach a level of success through experiences.

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